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Founder & CEO

My vision started small but, quickly grew into something unimaginable.  

floor pic.jpg
floor pic.jpg

Frustrated with the difficulty in finding a good nail technician, hair stylist, and makeup artist, who was consistent in executing what I asked for and in providing quality work, I decided to learn the trades and do it myself.

When I did my nails, hair, and makeup, I would get endless compliments and others inquiring about

 who did my nails, hair, and makeup.  The answer was always "Me".   


 While living in student housing and studying at York University, I began accepting a handful of clients, which quickly grew.

chair w mesh.jpg


Within a few short months, I was able to build and relocate my services into a private studio.   


RichRose Studio Inc. The Upper Echelon for Quality Acrylic Nail Artistry, Premium Wig Installation, and Flawless Makeup Artistry, at an affordable price, was born.  My attention to detail, technique,  and consistency in my work, received everyone's attention and admiration.

World Class Customer Service to each client is essential, clients feeling valued and appreciated is vital.  Whether you request a Single Service or a Deluxe Service Package, you will always be treated with Riches at RichRose Studio Inc.


Customer Appreciation Day is every day and with every client!


Welcome, how may I cater to your beauty?



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